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Dr. Shingleton has a worldwide referral practice that works with many eye specialists in this country and abroad to provide glaucoma surgical care. Patients travel from all over the world for treatment with Dr. Shingleton. Our goal is to provide you with the safest, highest quality and most convenient glaucoma surgery possible. Therefore, when it is appropriate, we arrange for pre- and post-operative care to be provided by your primary eye care doctor. For most patients, Dr. Shingleton performs your initial consultation and glaucoma surgery, and, along with his team, provides post-operative care. For some patients, follow-up care is shared between Dr. Shingleton and your primary eye care doctor to maximize convenience for you. For some patients of doctors who work regularly with Dr. Shingleton, or who come from a long distance, all postoperative care is provided by your local doctor and Dr. Shingleton performs your glaucoma surgery.