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Dr. Shingleton's Cataract Surgery Results

Cataract surgery results for Dr. Shingleton are consistently excellent. Dr. Shingleton has more up-to-date information on the cumulative results of his surgery than almost any other ophthalmologist in the country because he has developed one of the largest cataract surgery computer database files for an individual surgeon. Highlights are listed below.

Vision Improvement

A significant improvement in vision after surgery is reported by well over 95% of Dr. Shingleton's patients. This is particularly impressive given the referral nature of Dr. Shingleton's practice. Many complicated cataract cases are referred to Dr. Shingleton and his overall results include these challenging cases, as well as many patients with other eye problems that impact quality of vision.

Capsule Tears

Posterior capsule tears can occur during cataract surgery. Published reports often cite an incidence of 2.0% - 5.0% as acceptable. In a recent review of over 400 eyes, Dr. Shingleton's rate of posterior capsule tears was < 0.25%, (less than one quarter of one percent).


Infection is a potentially serious complication of any surgical procedure. Published reviews of eye infection (endophthalmitis) after cataract surgery in the United States often cite an incidence of one per thousand or higher. Dr. Shingleton's rate of endophthalmitis is significantly less.

You should know the surgical results of your cataract surgeon! Be sure to ask! Dr. Shingleton is proud of his exemplary results and is pleased to review them with you. For a list of additional questions to ask your cataract surgeon, please Click Here.