Bradford J. Shingleton MD

Cataract & Glaucoma Surgeon

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Dr. Shingleton's cataract surgery technique uses a tiny, sophisticated "phacoemulsification" instrument to dissolve the hazy cataract lens within the eye and replace it with a clear, artificial lens. This technique is called 'small incision phacoemulsification with intraocular lens implantation'." A typical procedure is performed as follows:

  1. Anesthesia is achieved with eye drops and/or a small, painless injection near the eye.
  2. A small incision (approximately 1/8") is made in the eye.
  3. The hazy cataract lens is gently dissolved by the tiny phacoemulsification instrument, with high frequency ultrasound waves.
  4. The new, clear, artificial lens is folded and inserted through the small incision and placed in the same position as the natural lens of the eye.
  5. No stitches are required but can be used if advantageous for a particular patient. Often no patch is needed, but a tape and a shield may be placed over the eye for several hours.

Surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and often takes less than 10 minutes. Family members may watch the surgery via television monitors in the waiting area. Dr. Shingleton's technique results in a rapid recovery allowing many patients to return to near-normal activity soon after surgery.