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Cataract & Glaucoma Surgeon

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About Our Team

Our Team

The Shingleton Eye Care Team is committed to providing you with superior eye care and service though a dedicated, team approach. Dr. Shingleton's entire team focuses on cataract, glaucoma and laser surgery. We have developed Clinical and Administrative teams that are trained to provide you with the highest quality, comprehensive eye care.


Dr. Stephen Taylor and Dr. Claudine Kawabata are trained to provide you with comprehensive eye care services including refractions, contact lenses and complete eye examinations. They have been trained directly by Dr. Shingleton to assist him in the pre- and post-operative care of surgical cataract and glaucoma patients. Dr. Shingleton reviews examinations with his optometrists and directs the care for all our patients.

Our Administrators

Brenda Torres manages scheduling for Boston outpatient visits and can answer questions regarding the administrative aspects of your visit. She can be reached at 617-314-2614. Melissa Moody coordinates surgical scheduling for Boston patients. If you have questions or concerns about surgery, please call her directly at 617-314-2612 or 1-800-635-0489. Kathi Jeffers is the practice manager and can be reached at 508-534-6085.

Our Patients

We are privileged by the trust our patients have placed in our team. Dr. Shingleton's patients travel to see him from all around the state, the region and the world with problems ranging from simple to highly complex. Our cumulative experience allows us to optimize your vision and improve your quality of life. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Now so clearly I do see;
A gift you've truly given me.
Gone the clouds that filled my eyes;
Bright I see God's heavenly skies.
Colours clear come into view;
For me this day they are as new.
Miracles wrought then by your hand;
A skill you've shared that's ever grand.
So a heartfelt thanks to you I'll say
May every blessing come your way!
-Poem by Frank Sivacek, one of Dr. Shingleton's patients